Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You, Too, Have Asked...

Saint Luke painting the Virgin by Niklaus Manuel Deutsch, 1515. Note mahl stick in hand.

Excerpt from this posting:

"You are being handed this card because you are in good company. Like 9 out of 10 men (and most women) who come up to me while I'm painting on location you have just asked, "What is the stick for?"..."

This journal entry is now available as part of a compilation in ebook form:

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-Doug Rugh


Michael-Ann said...

eh hem... I actually tried the link... :)

Anonymous said...

Doug, that was a lovely story, thanks for sharing your inner musings. Which brings me to my question. You appear prodigous in the written as well as the pictorial and have young ones underfoot. How do you organize your time to achieve all this in what appears to be a very graciuos manner?

Doug Rugh said...

Hi Peter,

Nice to hear from you. That's a good question for a posting -- I'll try to do an entry on it in the next couple days.