Friday, March 30, 2007


Oil Painting View a larger image. Mending The Sails, 35" x 35" - oil/canvas

Excerpt from this posting:

"...the root words of chiaroscuro -- light lifting the tonal veil of darkness -- are both clear and obscure. Folds become beautiful when a little mystery (and shadow) is added..."

This journal entry is now available as part of a compilation in ebook form:

Epub and PDF formats
102 Entries
26,700+ Words
95 Full-Color Illustrations (Oil paintings by the author.)
2006 - 2010

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Cara Dawn Romero said...

What can I say? Your originality is only exceeded by your ability. Wonderful painting.

Your blog is a favorite of mine, thanks for sharing -

Doug Rugh said...


You are too kind. Thank You.

Michael-Ann said...

Yes, the painting is beautiful and quite sensual... How you describe white in that one paragraph absolutely makes me want to run to my canvas a play with whites...!

Doug Rugh said...

Thanks Michael-Ann.