Thursday, October 12, 2006


My wife and I are fortunate enough to be full-time oil painters based on Cape Cod. Fortunate because we are able to spend our days painting from nature -- essentially spending our hours looking for beauty -- and fortunate because a prerequisite for our summer "work" is hanging out in nice spot by the sea.

October days are cooling down and before the balmy days of painting sunbathers on the beach totally disappear from my memory I hope to recount some of my summer painting experiences here in this journal. Admittedly, much of the experience flips between the sense of selflessness fed by absorption in the painting process and the internal dialogue fueled by brief encounters with onlookers. One a solitary, and paradoxically selfish process, and the other a direct response to the work (and the artist and his equipment etc.) at hand. A boy touches the painting to see if the paint is wet while I study the colors of the clouds. Something for everyone.

-Doug Rugh

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