Monday, December 25, 2006

Loosee Leftee, Tightee Rightee

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Excerpt from this posting:

"...There are two types of people that come in the studio. There is the loose group and the tight group and I distinguish them not by personality but by stylistic preference..."

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-Doug Rugh

1 comment:

Michael-Ann said...

What a great sense of actual space this painting has! I also like the "fish-eye" effect as the earth curves at the viewer's feet, puts the viewer right into the the shadow/light play going on too. looseness in this painting lends itself to actually feeling the wind - i suppose it is a side-effect of thinking i am "seeing" the blurring of the grasses as would be on a blustery beach day.

I am one of those who has a hang-up with "style" - thinking it is important to have one - perhaps only because every artist I have admired has had such a clear style. Am only beginning to accept the understanding that "style" happens of its own accord (if at all!) as you continue to travel the path of artistic discovery.

On another note:

You mentioned some time back in another post that you were coming upon a time of experimentation, for some reason I am very curious to see the results of where that might take you.

Hope you and your family are well and good!