Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Temperature of a Painting

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Excerpt from this posting:

"...Squint to see basic light or shadow falling on the table but open your eyes to see how temperature changes create the pattern. In this case the pattern reverses..."

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-Doug Rugh

1 comment:

Michael-Ann said...

Please don't feel compelled to approve this comment :) I suppose I just want to strike up a conversation with you. maybe I should just email?!

I Don't understand why folks are apprehensive to post comments in blogs...wish they weren't!

I love the transition of cool to warm in your painting - incorporating it into your exquisite detail surely wasn't an easy task.

It (your painting) holds that same sort of visual "celebration - or perhaps simply a dance" i get when staring at the objects in my kitchen window sill. Cool day-light bouncing off one side of things and warm incandescent bouncing off the other side.

This is a painting I have seen that holds a less subtle example of warm/cold windowsill visual... the color in this painting really gets me, perhaps I am a sucker for the complimentary thing... i really don't understand the technical aspects of painting/color enough to specify.

I actually have one of his lilly paintings. I like his work, despite the fact that it gives me a "paint-by-numbers" feeling (unlike your own work, which sings mastery)

okay, that is all i have to rattle on about tonight... hope all is well with you and yours!