Thursday, November 02, 2006

Extra Fresh

Sketch of the sculptor Alfie Glover

Excerpt from this posting:

"...Someone, an older woman, will come into my studio and say, "You wouldn't want to paint me, would you?" I'm conflicted because there are two ways I can go with this..."

This journal entry is now available as part of a compilation in ebook form:

Epub and PDF formats
102 Entries
26,700+ Words
95 Full-Color Illustrations (Oil paintings by the author.)
2006 - 2010

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-Doug Rugh


Michael-Ann said...

What an interesting post! and great painting... I was thinking when I read this how it would be nice to have an artist help you see that which is beautiful in the present tense of age... i think it is all too easy for women to slip off into feeling as though the addition of years to their age equates directly to subtraction from desirable physical attributes.

I have a hard time looking at myself, not so much out of vanity, but because all the signs of aging remind me of how I have grossly mismanaged my time in the past.

...i deveated, sorry! I won't be offended if you elect not to post this comment :) Just like how your words made me think...cheers!

Doug Rugh said...

Hi Michael-Ann,
Great to hear from you.

All the best...

erica said...

i think if you were to paint only other artists you would find yourself with some satisfied sitters! i know i have always drawn/painted myself far more harshly than others see me! (hard not to when you are looking at yourself for the whole duration of the work)

enjoying the blog!

Doug Rugh said...

Thanks Erica.

I find, also, that self-portraits are a great way to experiment with new ideas. Every one that Rembrandt did looks like a different person. As if he's searching for a different personality each time.