Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Phtalo Blue and Impuissance

If J. Peterman started selling paint pigments:

I've watched as you grabbed at strange blues from the bottom of your paint box. I've seen you stab at ultramarine and cobalt on the palette, too. Couldn't find it there either because, let's face it, we all have a need for more. At the risk of being brash, then, let me offer you an insight: start from a position of confidence and leave humility for the acceptance speech.

That's right, you aren't worthy--but nab it anyway. Pure unadulterated blue. (Granted, as crisp as chemistry will allow.) Azure with a glance of turquoise, saturated and potent. Translucent, it is ether with a tint that is altitudinous. You've seen weak succumb to it, hear now of the mighty who neutralize it. This could be your blue. A shade in search of a master. Don't shrink from its power. Harness it!

Watch and learn from phtalo and give up the blues. The dingy ones, that is.

Phtalo Blue. One shade and you're ready: $165
-Doug Rugh

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